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Tiki Nelson


Portraits by the Sea is a photography studio specializing in beach portraits. Fashion and model photographer Tiki Nelson has been photographing locals and visitors to Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast since 1991. His career started in the 6th grade when he and a classmate decided they wanted to have a yearbook like the high school students. Winning financial and logistical support for their entrepreneurial enthusiasm, the school’s principal and city newspaper editor helped them see this project though. Tiki has been shooting ever since!

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Portrait Tips



Our recommendation is to schedule your session early on during your stay. Please don’t try to get that perfect tan for your portrait. Tiki will give you the best tan you ever had without the risk of tan lines, unevenness, sunburn or cancer! We normally add some warmth to flesh tones in our portraits. If you still want more, you can order our exclusive Suntone Enhancement for only $10 per individual (a bargain compared to sunburn retouching). With Suntone Enhancement, we literally go in and hand massage our secret suntan potion to all your exposed body parts. What a deal!

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